Monday, September 04, 2017


After several days, we finally got the mouse that Bert brought into the house last week. The first few attempts to trap it were futile. The mouse took the bait but the trap failed to snap, so I fiddled with it to make it more sensitive. The mouse still got away.

I didn't think to take a photo of the cute little mouse before I released it, so here are some raindrops.

Then, on Sunday morning, I noticed mouse droppings in and around the shower. Yuck! The mouse was looking for a drink and there must have been some moisture around the shower drain. So I got the live-capture trap, baited it with some peanut butter, and left it next to the shower door over night. Success! The little critter was inside the trap this morning. I took it outside and released it. I wonder if Bert will find it again.


  1. Let's hope little mousey got the message. If not I fear a rather more dire fate awaits him.

  2. I don't know why, but to me this looks like some sort of fantastic musical instrument. As for the mouse, I was looking forward to its head mounted on your wall. You were very kind to let him go. Better change the door locks.

  3. I'll bet Bert is out looking for his pal right now.

  4. Next time bite its head off.

  5. raybeard, it's not the mouse's fault. They can't get up to the main floor of the house unless carried by the cat.

    stuart, this is only the third mouse we've had inside the house in 14 years. All three were brought in by the cat.

    mitch, the tasty morsel that got away!

    judy, :)

    michael, that's what Bert usually does. He eats 'em head first. Crunch.

  6. I'd forgotten about that mouse. So glad you were able to capture it alive.


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