Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tasha Tuesday

Play ball! Tasha loves to fetch the ball. And she even brings it back to me. But then she keeps the ball and walks around me, daring me to snatch it from her. I can't, usually. I'm trying to teach her to "drop it" when she brings it back. It works less than a third of the time.

Tasha brings back the red rubber ball.

Tasha has two tennis balls and one rubber ball right now. So, if I have one of the three, she'll drop the one she's carrying back to go chase the other one. It's a simple game, and she loves playing it. I, on the other hand, get bored quickly. But I keep playing anyway.


  1. Boy do I know this drill. It took many, many, many sessions with our lab. So much for the "retriever" moniker.

  2. She is such a pretty little girl!

  3. Ha! It's funny when they won't let go, but they want you to play :)

  4. Having three balls is a genius idea! Pups need a lot of exercise for sure.

  5. pretty girl gets her exercise (and so does her daddy)!

  6. Cute pic with the red ball! Our Maya is a champion fetcher (I guess that's the retriever in her). And it does get tedious. But I like using the Chuckit. I can throw it farther and I don't have to pick up the slimy ball.

  7. stuart, Callie was worse. She'd chase the ball, then sit down with it. She wanted us to come to her to get it back. Those were very short play sessions.

    kat nip, we think so, too!

    judy, she really likes "tug-o-war," but I understand that it's not good to get dogs to do that, so I refuse to play that way.

    evelyn, she is certainly full of energy!

    anne marie, no kidding!

    ginny, Tasha doesn't get the ball slimy at all, thank goodness!


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