Friday, September 08, 2017

Tomato season

They keep coming. And we're glad! More tomatoes, more sauce, more paste. I always think it's amazing when the tomatoes happen. I plant seeds, then transplant seedlings, then put them out in the garden, water them, and then, tomatoes!

Time to make some tomato sauce.

This year the tomatoes are big, fat, and juicy. To me, it feels like the best year in a while. I'm sure it has to do with the hot spells we've had. I water the tomatoes when it doesn't rain. When it does rain, the weather is not usually hot, and the tomatoes like hot weather. So, hot and dry is good. Chilly and wet, not so much.


  1. Amazing! Such a fabulous crop this year!

  2. Neato! Especially since you plants the seeds yourself.

  3. No need for you to go the tomato fest at château Bourdaisèrie this weekend as you have your own. By the way, if you read the Nouvelle République either on paper or online, there's an interesting story of the effect of climate change on grape growing in the region and how the growers are planning for it.


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