Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Roof vents

This image is from last year when I went to Paris before my trip back to the US. I took the tour up to the dome of the Panthéon. Most of the climb was up interior stairs, but part of route took us out onto the roof. I thought these vents, at least I assume they're air vents, poking through the slate tiles on the roof were interesting looking.

Part of the church's roof just below the base of the dome.

I don't have many new photos right now. Part of the reason is the overcast and showery weather and part of the reason is that we're walking Tasha on her leash for the time being. It's hard to hold a leash and a camera at the same time. She's doing very well on the leash, so that's good.


  1. Perfect excuse to buy a GoPro. But I well understand the lack of photos. Because of that I started a 2nd blog so I could post old vacation shots (i.e., not candidates for ADP) and maintain my "daily" creds.


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