Sunday, December 23, 2018

Broken tile

One of the grape growers with parcels out behind our house has been using broken terra cotta roof tiles to fill deep ruts in the ground at the end of his vine rows. The ruts are made by tractors and harvesters in the space between the dirt road and where the vines rows begin. The ground gets saturated with rain and becomes very soft and muddy.

Broken tiles in the vineyard.

The broken tiles give the tractors more traction as they enter the vine rows. The tractors' weight helps to break up tiles so that they become part of the soil and further stabilize it, at least for a season or two.

Some of the tiles pictured above are stamped "Perrusson." That's the name of a town not far south of us near the city of Loches. But there is also a historical tuilerie (tile factory) named Perrusson in Burgundy, so I'm thinking these tiles probably came from there.


  1. Oh, very interesting about the use of the tiles, and the tile factory!
    Lovely Tour Eiffel ornament -- and give hugs to that kitty you're sitting for ;)

  2. Like sea glass, "sea tile" can often be found on our beaches. I'm always tempted to collect it. Maybe I should plant a vineyard.

  3. judy, I try to pet the cat, but she hisses at me. No matter, she still eats and goes out and, more importantly, comes back in!

    mitch, what you need is a few more palm trees. ;)


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