Thursday, December 06, 2018


This is a partial view of the entrance to the church of Saint-André in Niort. I had the 50mm fixed lens on the camera, which means that I would have had to get some distance away from the doors to get them all in the frame, and there wasn't that much distance available. I've been shopping for a good quality zoom lens in the 20-70mm range, but I'm not prepared to pay the prices I've seen for one.

This is the largest of the three red doors into the church. The iron work, not to mention the stone carving, is amazing.

So, my options are limited to "sneaker zoom," or physically changing lenses (I have a 24mm wide-angle) while out on foot. That's normally not much of a problem because I can carry the extra lens on my belt, but I had Tasha attached to my waist on this occasion and the wide lens stayed in the car.


  1. Still a great photo (and portal). I'm too lazy to deal with camera attachments, but also will only take what I can carry in my small shoulder bag, which limits me to camera, wallet, mobile phone, and coins.

    1. You have magnificent photos on your blog, Mitchell!

      Walt, I love that door's ironwork. Love it!

  2. mitch, if we're out and about in the car, I can keep my camera bag in there. When I'm traveling alone, I often have a backpack where I can keep an extra battery and lens. Otherwise, it's just the camera on my shoulder.

    judy, it's amazingly intricate!


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