Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Monday was pizza day

We had a couple of large stuffing mushrooms and some Bolognese sauce leftover in the refrigerator, so we decided to make pizza. I started out on Sunday evening making the dough. I use a no-knead recipe that rises for eighteen hours. If I start the dough at 18h00, it's ready to be used by noon the next day.

The first of two mushroom pizzas with our home-made Bolognese sauce for Monday's lunch.

The recipe makes enough dough for two individual pizzas. We share one, then take a break while the second one cooks. I rolled out the dough, spooned a little sauce on and spread it almost to the edges, then I sprinkled grated cheese on the sauce. I topped the pie with one of the large mushrooms, thinly sliced, a few black olives, and some salt and pepper before sliding it onto the pre-heated pizza stone in a hot oven. Et voilà ! Eat, rinse (with wine), and repeat.


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