Friday, December 28, 2018

How it spreads

Mistletoe is a widespread parasite in our part of France. It's certainly present in our yard, seriously infecting two of our apple trees. Both of them are on their last legs, with more gui (mistletoe) than actual leaves in their branches.

A couple of mistletoe berries fell from the plant above and were caught in the crotch of this tree.

Mistletoe produces these white berries, and birds feed on them. When the bird poops, the seeds are often deposited on another branch and take root. Mistletoe thrives in apple, hawthorn, and poplar trees in our area. It's nearly impossible to get rid of, unless caught very early.


  1. Every year I try to encourage the growth of mistletoe to one of my garden trees. So far it has never taken. Perhaps because the berries have not been through a bird!

  2. I had no idea it was so difficult to get rid of. As you know, it’s abundant arund California, too.

  3. potty, seems strange to want it in your garden. I'd like it gone from mine!

    mitch, it infects the interior of the tree like a fungus. You have to cut off entire limbs to get rid of it, apparently.

  4. Especially at Xmas, every berry is a kiss....(English tradition)


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