Monday, December 10, 2018

Soft kitty, warm kitty

Little ball of fire. Bert likes to be warm. He sits on the radiator behind the couch when it's on. And he climbs into the fireplace to sit next to the hot wood stove until it gets too hot. Yesterday, I found him curled up on the log carrier in front of the fire.

Bert snoozes in front of the fire.

He spends his nights outdoors (hunting) and in the garage and utility room on the ground floor. He has a nice warm bed to sink into, and there's a laundry basket lined with towels that he sometimes curls up in. But he certainly enjoys a little fire time in the cool season.


  1. Dudo does the same. Moose gets too hot. Dudo is skinny with shortish hair. Moose is... not. So nice that Bert and Tasha get along.

  2. my kitties always sit right in front of the gas logs or electric heater if they are on...i'll bet Mr Bert's black fur gets really hot

  3. Oh, they do SO like to be warm.

  4. Oh Bert, you look so contented.

  5. Bert has the life of Riley now!

  6. Best place to be in this weather :-) Hope all is well Diane

  7. I LOVE seeing Bert enjoying the comforts of being a 'housecat'! Such a shame Callie and he didn't get along, but I think life has definitely improved for Bertie since Tasha has been with you.

  8. Little Bert is doing exactly what a cat should be doing: enjoying hearth and home. Just one question: Is it Bert's choice to be out at night? I worry for his safety.

  9. Love seeing Bert warm and snoozing :)

  10. mitch, sometimes I'm surprised Bert doesn't just burst into flame!

    melinda, he gets really hot just sitting in the sun. Even hotter in front of the stove!

    raybeard, yup!

    sillygirl, he's a very zen cat.

    evelyn, and all the mice he can eat.

    diane, seems comfy!

    anne marie, he rests a lot. ;)

    elgee, yes, especially as he gets older.

    paul, he's been an outdoor cat most of his life. At night, just before bedtime, he'll get up and head downstairs to go outside all on his own. If the door is closed, his staff will open it for him.

    judy, you know cats love to snooze!


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