Saturday, December 29, 2018


This is cerfeuil (chervil) growing in a little bed on the western side of the house. I've been planting chervil seeds here for a couple of years now with mixed results. The spring crop has been good, and we use some, but then it goes to seed quickly and doesn't come back. It's a delicate herb and doesn't like hot weather.

Sprouts of chervil coming up among fall's leaf litter.

Well, last year the seed crop was abundant, and this fall I noticed these seedlings coming up all on their own. They're still there, so I'm hopeful that we'll have a good early crop over the next months. Chervil is a tasty herb with a light anise taste. It's good in salads and with chicken dishes, and would probably be a great addition to some Asian dishes, too. I'm hopeful that it's established itself and will self-perpetuate in this bed.


  1. Chervil is one of my favorite herbs; it makes delicious potage de cerfeuil.

  2. I love the flavor and fragrance... and your photo.

  3. I doubt chervil would like an Alabama summer. I would like to try the soup chm mentioned.

  4. In Hungary my mil told me they had chervil growing underneath some bushes (I'm can't imagine far underneath them, but perhaps at the edge?) and it came up every year in the spring. They used it in broths, especially chicken broth. I've tried this and really like it.

  5. It's out there in this cold weather?

  6. It looks to me like what I call Italian parsley, yet the Wiki says it's also called French parsley. It is really a parsley? Confusing, but maybe it's really an EU parsley.
    Lovely picture.

  7. chm, haha! I haven't had enough yet to make that. Maybe next year!

    mitch, we use it most often in a salad of sliced black radish and mimolette cheese. Yum!

    evelyn, me too!

    thickethouse, sounds good!

    judy, so far, it's still there. It's up against the house on the western side.

    emm, Wikipedia says it's related to parsley, but it has a different flavor.


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