Monday, December 17, 2018

Little icicles

These are called stalactites de glace (ice stalactites) in French. They started forming on our roof line last Saturday when a rain system moved in after a couple of days of below-zero temperatures. They never got any bigger than this, though, because the rain brought warmer air in and everything that had frozen quickly melted.

Size doesn't matter, right?

We seem to be back into a more normal weather pattern now for this time year. That is a succession of relatively warm fronts off the Atlantic and, in between, clear nights and foggy days.


  1. You mean, all icicles are called stalactites de glace?

  2. I love the French for icicles! Although I've never seen a Spanish icicle, they're called carámbanos (caramba with a "no" at the end... so I remember it. Golly!). We're supposed to get down to a chilly 12C overnight. Brrr. Currently nose-numbing 15. No carámbanos!

  3. judy, I guess...

    mitch, you'd probably see some in the mountains up north... Ken and I crossed those mountains in 2004 during a wild snow storm. We were stuck on the autoroute for a while, but eventually made it through.


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