Monday, December 24, 2018

Xmas eve

The old joke: It's not Christmas, and stop calling me Eve. Today we'll be making our annual fondue Suisse, a cheese fondue, for lunch. Three kinds of cheese from the region around the France/Switzerland border go into the dish, with some white wine. Then we dunk chunks of bread and apple into it. Yum.

A Life Savers tree ornament. I also have a green one.

It's nice to have traditions, rituals, to help mark the time. Traditions need not be religious to have significance in our lives. French people have their big holiday meal on Christmas Eve, and it lasts late into the night. We hold to our American tradition, which is to have the big meal on Christmas Day. Neither one of us likes to eat a huge meal just before bedtime.


  1. Yes, yum! We have a hybrid Spanish English American Christmas.

  2. make sure you have enough fondue fromage; I'll be over for lunch! :)

    joyeux noel!

  3. Ha! I love that ornament! What a hoot!

    Hoping to see a photo of the fondue event :) Merry Christmas eve!

  4. Oh I would love a fondue ! You guys always eat so well !
    Happy Christmas to you !

  5. mitch, sounds tasty!

    anne marie, we ate it all, 600 grams of cheese for two! Of course, it was the main meal of the day.

    judy, we didn't take a single photo of the fondue this year. :(

    evelyn, to you and Lewis, as well!

    michael, fondue is a tasty and fun indulgence. But we only do it once a year. As I always say, we don't ski, but we do après-ski.


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