Thursday, December 20, 2018

So long, suckers

Last October, I posted a photo of this tree out in the vineyard. The trunk was covered with suckers, those shoots of a plant that sprout around the lower stem. Since then, the grower that owns the adjacent vineyard parcel has trimmed the suckers away. The tree looks much better now.

Tasha is out ahead of me on a recent morning walk through the vineyards.

Most traces of fall foliage are gone. The vines are brown, but the grass has turned green again. Winter will arrive on Friday. Astronomical winter, that is. I understand we'll also have a full moon and a meteor shower along with the solstice. Only three months until spring!


  1. The tree looks beautiful. What a difference from last year.

  2. Someone who tracks that stuff more closely than I told me that this convergence of the full moon and solstice is the last until 2094. That's assuming that the planet survives until then.
    The trimmed tree looks very nice. I'll bet it's happier that way.

  3. mitch, that tree was about a quarter of its current height when we got here over fifteen years ago.

    judy, much better!

    emm, if it's not, I am at least. ;)


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