Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Bûche de Noël

I haven't made one of these in many years. The bûche (yule log) is a traditional French Christmas dessert. It's a jelly roll/sponge cake, usually filled and frosted with chocolate buttercream, made to resemble a log. The bûches from a supermarket or bakery are much less rustic looking than mine and often pretty fancy, and they come in a variety of flavors.

My bûche de Noël, before we ate some.

This one is pretty simple, and kind of a mess, but it was tasty. I cut off one of the ends and stuck it on top to look like a branch, something that is typically done. The frosting was applied with a brush so that it looks like bark. I also sprinkled powdered sugar on top to suggest snow. Many recipes say to make little mushrooms with meringue, or use colorful marzipan to make leaves or other decorative shapes. Sometimes little candy (or plastic) figurines of Santa and reindeer are placed on top. The possibilities are endless!


  1. looks dee-lish. I have not had a slice of buche for many years.

  2. Awwww...yum!. Your sponge recipe a possibility perhaps?

  3. I like the looks of yours very much - looks more like something you would find in the woods - well done!

  4. Oh, I love yours! It looks fabulous. And, it's so beautifully rolled. I imagine that the sponge cake was moist and soft. You two had a wonderful looking feast for Christmas!

  5. Yours looks like a proper log! Bet it tasted great! ��

  6. That's beautiful! It must be delicious! My one and only bûche was made when I was thirteen for extra credit in my home ec class.

  7. That's a very impressive piece of pastry.
    I wonder what the origin is of celebrating by eating a log. Perhaps when the peasants were so poor before the Revolution?

  8. A lovely cake......But I'm sure you didn't find it too beautiful to eat! I think the log idea is because of the Yule log which I think was a viking tradition, originally.

  9. anne marie, for a few years we were buying them from a local baker. But I wanted to try to make one again.

    anni, I just pulled one off the internet, and I've also used Julia Child's recipe with great success.

    sillygirl, indeed, I step over stuff like this almost every day! ;)

    judy, I learned a new trick: before the sponge is completely cooled, roll in inside a damp kitchen towel. Then unroll it when you're ready. It really works!

    elgee, it certainly did!

    evelyn, :)

    chris, never had the urge to try it again?

    emm, good question! I'd have to look it up.

    thickethouse, sounds good to me!

  10. Walt: I've resisted the urge to bûche again ("bûche" is a verb, right?), but my 15 year old granddaughter is a talented and patient cook; maybe we'll try one together.


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