Sunday, December 30, 2018


Just a little wild mushroom in the grass. They liked the damp, warm days we had in the late fall and I noticed many different varieties sprouting in all the usual places.

The grasses around us have gone from summer brown to winter green. And the winter wheat has sprouted in the fields.

We've started gaining minutes of daylight, although it's not at all perceptible yet. But in a couple of weeks we should start noticing it staying light a little later, and getting lighter a little earlier in the morning. Unless it's cloudy. Saturday was overcast and it felt dark all day. The holiday lights make things a little more bright, but they'll be coming down on New Year's Day.


  1. Happy New Year's Eve eve! I have SAD and by January 10th, I feel more energetic. The more light the better!

  2. Our Saturday was also cloudy, and downright stormy looking. But still moments of sunshine.


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