Sunday, December 09, 2018

Linguini with white clam sauce

At Saturday's market, I bought some cockles. They're small clam-like shellfish that we use to make the famous pasta dish: linguini with white clam sauce. It's a favorite dish of mine and it's so easy to make. The coques (cockles) are sold by the fish monger at the Saturday market in Saint-Aignan.

Linguini with white clam, or in this case cockle, sauce. Served with a chilled Chablis.

I got a kilo's worth for 12 euros. Ken prepared a salt bath with cornmeal so the cockles would purge themselves of any sand or grit, and we set them out on the (cold) deck for a few hours. Then we cooked some linguini, made a sauce with garlic, shallots, and white wine and cooked the cockles in it. We served it all in the pan with fresh chopped parsley. Yum!


  1. A work of art. I love the flavors but I hate having to dig through the shells!

  2. That immediately starts the earworm of the song -- "cockles and mussels alive, alive-oh."
    I like your Image of the Week. What is it, and where?

  3. Fresh and delicious. And the wine?

  4. kiwi, just as good, at least!

    jan, ha! We ate it all...

    mitch, it's not too much work. They come right out of their shells with no work.

    emm, that's some kind of art in Niort. I don't have a photo of the ID plaque.

    local alien, a Chablis (chardonnay), dry and crisp and delicious!


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