Saturday, December 22, 2018

Friday's lunch

As we do every year on my birthday, we made steak au poivre and French fries for lunch on Friday. We started with an appetizer of préfou, a garlic bread specialty of the Vendée region where we stayed back in October, served with sliced smoked filet mignon of pork. I opened a bottle of bubbly to go with it.

The day's libations.

This year's steak was a thick slice of faux-filet (sirloin), smothered in cracked pepper, then seared in a pan on top of the stove. We both like the meat to be relatively rare, so it doesn't take long before it's removed from the pan and covered to rest.

The préfou is basically a loaf of garlic bread that gets heated up in the oven before eating.

The sauce is made by adding cognac, or armagnac in this case, and cream to the pan after the steak comes out. When that's ready, the steak goes back into the sauce to be served. I made a batch of fries to serve along side and, voilà !, it's lunch. After the steak, we ate a green salad with hearts of palm.

Faux-filet before the pepper goes on.

The steak marinates for an hour or two in a coating of freshly cracked black pepper.

The wine was a Juliénas that we brought back from Beaujolais last spring. Everything was delicious, as usual. For dessert, we finished an applesauce cake that I had made earlier in the week. There was some steak left over which will make a nice snack over the weekend.

Lunch is served!

So, now we turn our attention to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day meals. The first will be our traditional cheese fondue on Monday. Ken's going into the market this morning to pick up the guinea fowl capon that we ordered for Christmas Day. More about all of that later.

My first helping. I had two.


  1. Happy belated birthday, Walt! Looks mouthwatering, your birthday lunch!

  2. Looks very professional, but, after all, Les Bouleaux is a five stars restaurant -:)

  3. With a birthday feast like that, who needs Christmas? Happy birthday!

  4. Happy belated birthday. I envy the delicious meals you prepare and enjoy.

  5. That lovely dinner should more than make up for the pain of getting older. Happy Birthday!

  6. I don't eat steak much, but when I do I want it just like yours. The préfou appetizer looks good, too.

  7. This looks delicious, every bit of it. You do know how to celebrate!

  8. Sirloin is my favorite cut of steak. Here's to a happy, healthy year ahead!

  9. I am grateful for Anne Marie to give me heads up to let me know it's the feast day of your nativity. I hope this next year is your best one yet !

  10. elgee, thank you! It was good.

    chm, and reservations are very hard to come by... lol!

    mitch, I do! More food. :) And thanks!

    breenlantern, thanks! Except for the bread, I think that this one is gluten free.

    chris, thanks!

    evelyn, I also like them grilled, but that's more fun in the summer.

    thickethouse, gotta do something fun to get us through the dark days.

    judy, thanks!

    michael, many thanks! And to AM as well.

  11. errrr...can you tell us how you do those great looking fries!

    1. anni, yes! I have a deep fryer, and the fries are frozen from the supermarket. We do make our own fresh fries from time to time, but the supermarket fries are very good and not full of additives.

  12. hope you had a wonderful birthday! I will be over on monday for your cheese fondue!


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