Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Autumn leaves as autumn settles in

It's been fall for a week now. Many of the fall colors we get around here are found in the vineyards. I'm looking forward to the bright yellows and golds of the sauvignon and the deep reds and scarlets of gamay and cabernet. It's starting now, even while the harvest continues.

A very autumnal scene.

Most of the trees in the woods around us go yellow in the fall. There are exceptions, especially in gardens where people have planted trees that reveal other colors this time of year. In our yard, the tilleul (linden) drops golden leaves. The prunus turns bright orange before its leaves fall. In another month or so our trees will be nearly bare.


  1. The colors of the leaves together with the grapes are even richer. We don’t get much by way of fall color. A leaf here and there.

  2. This is a great composition, such fascinating colors with the dark purple grapes peeking out from behind. May use it as my screensaver for the next few weeks if you don't mind!

  3. I was in France once in September to see these colors. Never forgot them and took lots of photos as well.

  4. Such lush colors at this time of year. That's a beautiful picture.

  5. mitch, and what we get here is nothing like New York and New England.

    kiwi, don't mind at all!

    judy, :)

    evelyn, good memories.

    emm, thanks!


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