Saturday, September 18, 2021

Ten years ago today

I was posting photos of our hedges. More specifically, photos of my progress in trimming them. This was before I stopped trimming the hedges myself and started paying a landscaper to do it. I don't regret that decision.

This is the smallest section of the hedge adjacent to the driveway. We hadn't yet replaced the deck doors then. 18 September 2011.

We're expecting a chilly and wet weekend, if the weather people are to be trusted. Fall is coming in right on schedule. I'm still hopeful that we'll have some more good weather over the next month or so. It could happen. Really.

Yesterday I called the contractor who is supposed to renovate our deck. I talked to his wife again. I told her that we were getting worried since it's been almost a year since we approved the estimate and sent a check. She said not to worry, but they've been falling behind this year. I'm assuming it's because the bad weather has delayed a lot of their work, especially roof work. She assured me that her husband would call and let us know when he thinks they'll be able to start. I'm waiting, but not for long. There's another contractor who's been working in our neighborhood. He's done façade renovation for one of our neighbors and the result looks good. Now he's doing work for the new neighbors inside their house. I'm assuming it's new kitchen tile. We know they planned to re-do their kitchen. We're going to ask him for an estimate for our job.


  1. This small section of the hedge looks as though it’s been trimmed by a professional! Good work!

  2. That’s a charming photo. You used to do a beautiful job with the hedge, but I’m happy for you that you chose to stop doing it yourself. It leaves you free and in one piece for other things.

    That’s so frustrating about the deck... and the deposit!

  3. Your window boxes look wonderful. You've already paid a deposit? What chance of getting that back?

  4. Your hedges are really beautiful no matter who does the trimming. I assume that you can put a stop on the check if the contractor doesn't return it. A year is a long wait, you have been patient enough.

  5. I look forward to you switching to the new contractor :)

  6. Your home looks so inviting! Should you decide to relocate in the future think about what time of the year the house is the most attractive! These colors are so welcoming! I heard a piece on NPR (public radio) this morning regarding how important trees are to our health. The hedge, that large tree, the flower box and the balcony all look GREAT!

  7. chm, if that's all I had to do, I'd probably still be doing it!

    mitch, I actually injured by back doing it one year. That was enough!

    andrew, he hasn't cashed the check and won't until he starts work.

    evelyn, I don't know how that works. I hope it doesn't come to that.

    judy, we shall see...

    mary, that window box hasn't looked that good in years. This year's flowers started out nice, but then progressively died through the summer. Maybe it was too cold?

  8. good for you for hiring out to trim. I think that sort of stuff is worth the price.


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