Friday, September 17, 2021

Steamed pork buns

This isn't the first time I've made Chinese steamed pork buns, but it has been a while since the last time. They're not difficult to make, but you do need two to three hours for the yeast dough to rise, with another thirty minutes of rising after the buns are stuffed. For the stuffing, we used some pulled pork that Ken made in the slow cooker and froze a few weeks ago. He thawed it out and added Asian flavors (like soy, sesame, hot chili sauce, ginger, etc.) while warming it up on the stove.

Eight steamed pork buns for lunch.

The recipe I used makes eight buns. Once the dough had risen, I rolled it into a log and cut it into eight equal pieces. I formed each piece into a ball and then flattened the balls into disks. I put a spoonful of the pork in the middle of each disk and pulled the dough up and around the stuffing, pinching it together at the top to form a good seal. After the buns rested (and rose a little more) under a towel, I put them in the steamer pot for twelve to fifteen minutes.

Egg rolls with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce.

We ate them with egg rolls (from the supermarket) and stir-fried zucchini (from the garden) with a spicy Asian sauce. The wine was one of our local gamays from across the river. Tasty!


  1. They’re not difficult to make?!? What button on the microwave do you push?

    They look stunning. I love pork buns. One of the first things I would look for when we went out for dim sum.

  2. What a great looking lunch! The egg rolls are sitting on a very pretty plate.

  3. Those steamed buns are a favorite of Joel’s. We are lucky to have amazing Asian markets here in Phoenix and can get many varieties of steamed buns. I’m impressed by your menu today.

  4. Wow! That looks wonderful; what a good idea.

  5. If you were in my neighborhood, I would absolutely try to get an invitation to your Chinese dinner! Steam buns sound perfect for tonight...we are expecting rain for just overnight and tomorrow. I've been having salads but it is time for a fall menu and yours sounds just right! We know you enjoyed it...!

  6. mitch, the bun button, of course! :)

    bettyann, the design on that plate is two fish. I think we got it (and a matching platter) at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California.

    lynn, one thing I miss about SF is all the Asian food restaurants and markets.

    chris, I was surprised at how easy they are, and they can be stuffed with just about anything and probably adapt well to a vegetarian diet.

    mary, it's getting to be fall menu time here, too. Although this summer has felt more like fall...

  7. Clever man. I would have no idea how to make them.


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