Sunday, September 12, 2021

Fading color

These are the hortensias (hydrangeas) that I grew from cuttings many years ago. There were four, but the other two did not survive in their location on the other side of the garage door. Now we have an aucuba there. It's holding on, but not thriving. There's still a little color left in the hydrangea flowers, but it's fading fast. When the leaves fall, it will be time to prune the stems back for the winter.

Hydrangeas under the garage window.

If you look closely, you can see a board leaning up against the window sill. It serves as a ramp for Bert to come in and out of the garage and, by extension, the house. When he's in for the night, I close the window until morning. Last night he came in around just before one a.m. No mouse.


  1. I can see you taking the photo.

  2. What a beautiful photo. Sorry for Bert, but I’d be grateful for no mouse.

  3. Beautiful hydrangeas. That looks like a very steeply angled board but obviously Bert is very nimble.

    I just discovered a quirk in posting. I can’t post a comment after I’ve expanded a photo so I jump over to Ken’s blog, come back here and I’m able to post. It’s the same on Ken’ blog. Weird, huh? I’m using an iPad.

    1. Hi, BettyAnn, I too use an iPad (mini) and a few days ago I had problems posting comments in both blogs, Ken’s and Walt’s.
      As I said, when I want to write a longish comment, I write it first in Notes, so I can try to eliminate (?} typos. Then, I copy it and try [!] to paste it in the post. But the paste button didn’t show up on the pop-up menu. It was so frustrating. And now, without doing anything, it’s back on! Les joyeusetés de l’électronique. I’m sure the bug was blogger’s, because I tried several browsers with the same result.

  4. Have you ever considered preserving the hydrangea blooms using glycerin? They dry out and turn a lovely golden color while still staying intact. You can keep them in a vase for months. Lots of info on line about how to do this. Seems a shame to toss them out.

  5. chm, the window is open, so there is no reflection. I guess that you're seeing the sun shining on something inside the garage.

    mitch, oh, I am.

    bettyann, that's weird! Blogger is often mysterious.

    sheila, I'd never heard of that. I'll have to look it up.

    michael, :)


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