Thursday, September 09, 2021


The grapes have enjoyed our week of summery weather. They're looking pretty ripe out there now. I haven't seen any of the growers testing the grapes for sugar levels yet, so I don't think the harvest is about to start. I'll keep my eyes open.

Much riper looking now than just a week ago.

Our plumber is coming over this morning, bright and early, to replace our shower door. You might remember that we had a new shower stall built about five years ago. The door, a folding glass door, came loose shortly after it was installed. The plumber repaired it, but I insisted we get a new one. He called the manufacturer who sent a rep out inspect it. He agreed to give us a new door. We didn't have it installed because the plumber's repair seemed to hold. We stored the new door down in the garage.

Since then, the door has come off its supports again (there are four) and this time the plumber's repair didn't hold, so we've asked him to take out the old door and put in the "new" one. Of course, there's no guarantee that the "new" door doesn't have the same defect. We shall see. If it comes apart, too, we will have to find another solution. It's always something.


  1. Was it really five years ago? Wow! I can see you wrapped in the shower by a clingy but tasteful shower curtain.

  2. You really should hire out as the vineyards’ official photographer.

  3. Do they call the sugar level Brix?


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