Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Lost Found

I don't know how it's possible, but somehow I lost my eyeglasses. I went out for an afternoon walk with Tasha and at some point realized I didn't have my glasses on. This happens every now and then. I go out the door in a hurry and forget to put them on, often because I was wearing my computer glasses just before going out. So, I figured, they're probably home on my desk. But when I got home, I couldn't find them anywhere. Panic set in. Did I drop them in the vineyard?

They're out there.

I went back out, twice, and retraced my steps, but with no luck. I'm planning to have another look this morning when it gets light. In the meantime, I have an old pair (previous prescription) that are working surprisingly well. Maybe I should get one of those eyeglass chains to wear around my neck.

UPDATE: I found them this morning. They were very close to the start of  our walk, in a patch of grass, folded, lenses pointing up. I have no idea how. My working theory is that I batted a biting insect away and batted the glasses off then. I thought that happened later in the walk, but maybe not.


  1. So glad you found them. Odd that they were folded. My glasses always fell lenses down, on rough pavement, and in a spin. Now I just have reading glasses. Less risk.

  2. After a lot of searching, I can identify these as grape vines ;)

    1. I wrote the above comment even before I read your text. How lucky you were to find your glasses! Your prayer to St. Antoine de Padoue was answered!
      (Here is the prayer in French: St. Antoine de Padoue, vieux filou, vieux grigou, fais moi retrouver ce que tu m’as fait perdre.) It never fails!

  3. worse places to search that's for sure :-)

  4. Good result. I lost mine in the local park once and a kind person put them up on a lost item board. They were worth a few hundred dollars. I know well the swap between home computer and reading glasses and outside glasses.

  5. Holy cow! I'm so glad that you found them. Yikes!

  6. Searching for something is always so frustrating. So glad you found them.

  7. Something else lost - my husband was back at the car after our individual walks - without his keys. I always carry mine so that was good. He had backtracked his walk along the wetlands - no luck. We did it again - no luck. We searched everywhere and posted a note at the park. A week later he got a new key at the dealer$$$hip. A week or so later I had a hunch to search the car again and underneath the driver's seat were the keys. He had dropped them between the seat and console and they were stuck there until some in and out of the car jiggled the seat and they dropped down. What a relief!

  8. Because you found the glasses folded and lens up I'm wondering if some kind soul found them and then folded and placed them like you found them to reflect the light and perhaps direct a searcher's eyes to them? Lucky you!


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