Wednesday, September 08, 2021

September sunrise

The sun rose yesterday in a clear sky. Tasha and I enjoyed our sunrise walk. I think we started around 07h30. The sunrises are getting later and later as we near the equinox. This photo is from early in our walk, looking back at the hamlet as we make our way west.

Looking easterly at sunrise on Tuesday.

On Sunday morning we saw a sure sign of the coming autumn: hunters were out past the end of the dirt road participating in a battue (an organized hunt). They were likely hunting deer or foxes. I looked at the hunting association's web site and saw that the season for pheasants, hares, and other small game animals begins on the 26th. General hunting happens only on Sundays from 09h00 to noon, then from 2h30 until sunset. I think I saw that the season ends at the end of January.


  1. In my opinion, hunting should be banned and authorized only in case of over population. But people like to kill innocent animals.

  2. Nice to know there are such strict controls on the hunting. Could be dangerous in residential areas (I remember people getting shot in New England because they were out on their property at inconvenient moments). Our sunrises are getting a bit more interesting... although I don’t feel like getting out of bed for pictures.

  3. The vineyard is very verdant! This photo belies the terrible harvest season you have just lived through.

  4. chm, the association does just that. The season is regulated based on the population of the animals in question.

    mitch, our neighbors used to say that you didn't want to walk out through the vineyards after lunch. Tipsy hunters...

    evleyn, thanks!

    mary, it is very green out there now, but the harvest hasn't started yet.

  5. I was not aware there were hunters in France. I thought this would not be a thing. What do I know.


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