Friday, September 10, 2021

Trimmed and mowed

This past week, while the weather was warm and dry, the vineyards out back got trimmed and mowed. The guy that did the work drove a tractor over the vines with an attachment that trims the tendrils from the tops and sides of the vines. After that was done, he drove the tractor pulling a mowing attachment between the vine rows to cut the grass down. Everything is squared off and we can walk between the rows again.

Trimmed and ready for harvest. I wonder when they'll start.

The plumber and his helper replaced our shower door yesterday as promised. It only took them two hours to take out the old door (and its frame) and install the new one. Good as new! So far. Time will tell if this door will come off its supports like the previous one did. We had the replacement door already because the manufacturer gave us a new one when he verified that the first one was defective. We decided to hold it in reserve in case the plumber's repair didn't work. The repair worked for a few years, but recently gave out. The plumber didn't charge us for his labor, either. Part of his guarantee, he said, even though the defect was not his fault.

If this second door proves defective, too, we will have to look at another type of door. We saw some options on line that should work when the time comes.


  1. I remember those trimmer contraptions from the San Diego freeways. I loved seeing them topping off and side-trimming the oleanders.

    Very nice plumber! Hope the first door was an anomaly and this door serves you well. I can’t believe those renovations were five years ago!

  2. Very neat vines! Good luck with the new door.

  3. How nice of the plumber. Hope the door works splendidly for a long time.

  4. they do look nice and tidy this way.

  5. mitch, I know, five years already!

    judy, merci !

    bettyann, thanks!

    mary, I'm sure that will help. :)

    emm, thanks. Us, too!

    michael, very.


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