Friday, October 28, 2022


We're under a zone of high pressure that's blocking weather systems coming in from the North Atlantic while pumping warm air up from North Africa. It's the same kind of situation that brings us the heat waves we experience in summer. This is much milder, but it's unusual this time of year. We don't know whether to enjoy it or be worried. Maybe a little bit of both.

Tuesday's sunrise. This vineyard parcel was recently plowed. It will be replanted next spring.

I did take advantage to work in the vegetable garden yesterday. It's mostly cleaned up and ready for winter, whenever that happens. Today, I hope to finish trimming the wisteria.


  1. I saved the caption for last, which made me think the vegetable garden had grown just a little.

  2. Ha ha haI I thought the same thing Mitchell did. I thought this was your garden and I was going to say "oh come on now you're just showing off."


  3. Ha! At first glance, I thought that was your cleaned-up garden plot, and I thought, "Wow! From this perspective, it looks huge!"

  4. Sorry, I didn't think either way, I just was enjoying that beautiful sky and thinking how nice it would be to have balmy weather here!

  5. The camera adds ten acres. :)

  6. I thought this 'balmy' was going to go in a different definition direction.


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