Monday, October 17, 2022

Misty days

When it's not outright raining, we often get light to heavy drizzle. It's called bruine in French. This past week we've had a lot of it. We've also had a warm-up. This morning's low temperature is 18ºC (over 60ºF) at the house.

Looking out over the vineyards from the guest room window.

I call the drizzle "French rain," but it's not just a French thing. Soggy, foggy days when the sky is leaden, and every surface glistens with tiny water droplets. Evenings sparkle with reflected light. It can come in winter or summer, feel cold or warm. At its gentlest, you can walk outdoors without getting soaked. When the wind drives it, it can sting a little.


  1. We’ve had a cool-down. Morning temp was 19˚C.

  2. A lone tree, and a lone pink rose in the neighbor’s yard.

  3. I noticed that rose, too, chm, pretty.
    Walt, how is bruine pronounced? I’m thinking I will be experiencing it when I’m in Paris in January. Thanks.

  4. You could be describing some of our various types of rain! A colorful view out back even though I missed the one pink rose!

  5. After seeing those chimneys at the Vannes Lavoirs my research revealed pot ash is and was used in a step to remove smells and stains from the laundry. It is used to whiten, also. Here I was thinking it was to keep the ladies warm!

  6. mitch, balmy!

    chm, good eye!

    bettyann, we anglophones don't have that French U sound; it's hard for us to make. But maybe a close-enough approximation would be "brew-een," if you say it real fast.

    mary, interesting!


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