Sunday, October 09, 2022

Shop like an Egyptian

I'm getting down to the dregs of my 1992 photos from Normandy and Brittany. This one's from the historic center of the city of Vannes. I don't remember what the shop on the right was or why there was what looks to be an ancient Egyptian graphic on the outside.

This street is la rue des Halles in central Vannes. Digitized color slide, January 1992.

I looked on Google Maps street view to see what the Place Valencia looks like now. The paving looks the same, but the buildings look like they've had a facelift. The place looks a little more antiseptic than it did back in '92. The stores and restaurant are there, but they have different names (the store on the left with what looks like ladies' handbags is now a kid's clothing shop). And the Egyptian is gone.


  1. Great photo. I just checked it out on Google Maps, too. If I hadn’t seen your old photo, I’d still find it charming. But you’re right about it looking more antiseptic.

  2. Singing praises for Google- something we didn't know we needed in 1992.

  3. Aw, shoot, the Egyptian is gone :(
    Cool photo!

  4. Everybody remember "Walk like an Egyptian?" Clever shop to attract fans of Egypt. Too bad it is gone. I have always hoped to get there one day. Well-framed shot seeing the inside of the store, too.

  5. Indeed it is curious to know why it was there and why it is gone.

  6. mitch, a little sprucing up never hurts anyone.

    evelyn, really!

    judy, he's probably hanging out with the cops in the donut shops.

    mary, michael, I'm thinking it might have been a bookstore. The Egyptian looks like he's writing something, and there seems to be books on the shelves in the window.


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