Thursday, October 27, 2022


We're having a heat wave. Our central heating hasn't come on in weeks. We don't need fires in the wood stove. The grass is growing faster than I can cut it (I mowed the south forty yesterday). They're talking about it on the news. Well, of course they are. They have to talk about something.

Grass is growing like crazy out in the vineyard parcels, too.

My plan for today is to get the vegetable garden cleaned up and tucked away for winter. Tomorrow I plan to finish trimming back the wisteria. I also want to cut back the dead oregano to make room for spring growth and mow the west forty. Morning dew makes the grass too wet for a.m. cutting, so I wait to do that in the afternoon. There's no lack of things to do while the weather's good.


  1. We're having spring here. Mostly very pleasant. I'm so glad I don't have a lower (or upper) forty to mow.

  2. It is unseasonably wet and in early November we will have a succession of 15 degree days, extraordinary for November. Nothing to do with climate change though, of course.

    1. November average high 22 degrees, according to the BoM.

  3. Enjoy the nice weather-- it's good to get to work outside when the weather is pleasant, eh?

  4. Beautiful golden field! I’ve been working outside too now that the temps are down to the low to mid 89’s.

  5. mitch, I used to cut all the grass in one day. Now it takes me at least three.

    andrew, I'm assuming that 15 degree days in November is chilly where you live. Here, it's very nice.

    judy, yes!

    bettyann, the "low to mid 89s?" Is that like 89.1 up to 89.6? LOL!


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