Sunday, October 30, 2022

It's still a mess, but there's less of it

This is where I am with the wisteria right now. A lot of the bulk has been cut away. But, as you can see, there are many tangled and errant branches that need to be pruned out. That's more ladder work and I'm wary. I don't want to push my luck.

It's better than it is, wasn't it?

The animules seem to be handling the time change well. We've been slowly getting up later (and staying up later) over the past week to ease them into a new breakfast time.


  1. You and Ken are good pet Dads to help Tasha and Bert adjust to the time change.

  2. It is especially hard for injecting insulin for my cat. I now am at 7:30 +/- so that next week it will be 6:30 am that I will be in the dark, dark, getting up and injecting him. Getting rid of DST will be supported by me! Requirements: Inject every 12 hours.

  3. I too think it looks well done.

  4. betty ann, judy, it's more for our sanity. There's no reason to get up at 4am to feed them!

    mary, I'm for getting rid of it, too, but nothing seems to be happening. Still, it's nice to have more light in the morning.

    michael, thanks!

  5. Our cats are NOT adjusting well. And unfortunately we have one that never shuts up. Get up get up get up get up get up....


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