Thursday, October 06, 2022


Remember those big piles of grape vine trunks in the vineyard parcel that was recently dug up? Well, Tuesday was the day they burned. The morning was so foggy that we didn't even notice the smoke, let alone the flames, until the fog lifted. The piles are still smoldering out there and will continue until they're reduced to just ash.

One of six piles of grape vine trunks burned on Tuesday, still smoldering at sunrise on Thursday.

Ken talked to one of the guys working out there yesterday. He said he thought the parcel will be replanted next spring. That'll be cool. And he said that another parcel a little farther out is next to be dug up (probably next year) and replanted (a year or so later).

As planned, I got the chainsaw out and cut up a couple of large branches in the back yard yesterday. One was a dead branch on an apple tree (that was still attached to the tree), another was a linden branch, also dead, that came down in a recent windy rain storm. Then I cut some of the birch branches from the three trees we had taken down last year. I have more of those to do. All the wood goes into the wood pile for burning this fall and winter.


  1. Cutting wood up is satisfying work. Glad you already have your winter supply of fuel oil since this winter's fuel supplies are going to be costly for Europeans especially.

  2. evelyn, I'm glad too. One less thing to stress about. A funny thing is that, on the news, they keep recommending turning the heat down. We already keep our thermostat lower than their recommended setting, so there's not a lot more to do except burn more wood.


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