Thursday, October 20, 2022

La Baie de Bourgneuf

The island of Noirmoutier is visible in the background of this photo. I was on the mainland looking west across the bay of Bourgneuf. The tide was out and the mud flats were exposed. The southern tip of the island is connected to the mainland by a high-rise bridge (since 1971), but there's another way to cross the bay. Stay tuned.

A couple of skiffs on the mud flats in the Baie de Bourgneuf. Digitized color slide, January, 1992.

I was awakened by thunder during the night, around 01h30. I could tell the storm was coming up from the south as they usually do. There was a good deal of lightning and the thunder was continuous as it got closer and louder. Then it started raining, but not nearly as hard as the other night. We were lucky that the storm just grazed us to the east as it went by. Storms at night make me jumpy. After about an hour, all was calm again, but I didn't sleep much.

It's the unusually warm and humid weather we're having this week that's fueling these storms. They don't seem to bring much wind, but we're getting a lot of (much needed) rain. The hard rain the other night carved deep gullies in the dirt road out through the vineyards. The air is buzzing with annoying gnats and other bugs. Dare I say it? We need a cold snap!


  1. Storms at night make SG jumpy, too. I love them. I’m probably a happy little idiot. He’s probably more rational. Besides, his great-grandmother was killed by lightning -- in the house. Of course, that was 118 years ago.

  2. I love storms anytime! These are good because they bring much needed rain, as you said. Curiously, I can comment on your blog with my initials and I can’t on Ken’s. Les joyeusetés de l’électronique!

  3. We are having the cold snap that you want. Our lows have been near freezing for the past two days. I brought my plants in early this year.

  4. You can have my cold snap. It was 48 yesterday morning!

  5. mitch, I worry about roof tiles blowing off and leaks and lightning hitting one of our trees causing it to fall onto the house. Minor stuff.

    chm, mystère et boule de gomme...

    evelyn, yikes!

    bettyann, that's gettin' chilly!


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