Thursday, November 03, 2022

Another mushroom bloom

They're still popping up all over. These white mushrooms are came up under a conifer in our back yard, the second batch in the same location over the past couple of weeks. The conifer in question is one of two Christmas trees that the previous owners planted. We had one of them taken down when we first moved in because it was sickly. The second one is doing alright, but it blocks part of the view over the vineyards to the west and it casts a large shadow over the yard.

Do not eat!

Still, taking down a healthy tree is not a priority. We have a third conifer, a tall Himalayan cedar, that's dying (probably because of the drought) that will need to be taken down relatively soon. Ugh. It's always something.


  1. It sure is always something. Such a shame about the trees.

  2. I’m anonymous… Mitch

  3. mitch, thanks for ID'ing yourself. I suspected another.

  4. Without thinking, I commented from my iPad. Rarely successfully accomplished,

  5. The weather has certainly caused havoc with your trees over the years. Sad.


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