Monday, November 28, 2022

Hangin' on

Almost all of the grape vine leaves have dropped to the ground. But, here and there, a few hang on.

Any leaves that are left will be cut off when the vines are pruned.

Yesterday's lunch of shepherd's pie (made with leftover Thanksgiving lamb) was very good. We have half of it leftover, not to mention the last chunk of the lamb roast. That went into the freezer for another meal to be decided. So that makes at least five meals for two out of the one roast. Gives turkey a run for its money as far as leftovers go.

Today we'll take a break from lamb to do a chicken cashew stir-fry with snow peas. We'll have egg rolls and potstickers on the side. Tomorrow: pizza with pancetta. Yum!


  1. You guys sure do feed yourselves well.

  2. What an interesting leaf. When I looked up quercus (oak) in my Michael Dirr Manual of Woody Plants text I found one that had a similarly lobed leaf although not with the extra dentation in your sample: Quercus stellata which has a common name of Post Oak. This is from a text of trees commonly found in North America and it said, ... " not usually found in a landscape but in the wild." That would fit! It said it is typically found in the southern states, perhaps Ken is familiar with that tree. Nicely framed photo, Walt.

  3. mitch, a man's gotta eat.

    judy, :)

    mary, interesting! But my photo was of a grape leaf... I have some oak leaves coming up soon.

  4. Of course (ugh!) - I didn't even look at the branches which are a BIG clue! I was so taken by the leaf...


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