Saturday, November 05, 2022

Another mushroom

This one is called an ink cap, I believe. There's a place under the oak trees on the Artsy Organized Neighbor's property where these sprout every fall.

A shaggy ink cap sprouts up through fallen leaves.

It's very chilly this morning. The outdoor thermometer reads 6.2ºC (43ºF). I did build a fire yesterday and kept it going all day. When it gets light outside I'll empty the ashes from the wood stove, lug some more logs upstairs, and build another fire for today. This will be the almost daily chore from now through winter. The fire keeps the living and dining areas pleasantly warm. Until then, the central heating does the job.


  1. It’s wonderful to see the variety of mushrooms. This one is a beauty... and of course so is the photo. Our morning started with the thermometer at 16. It’s now 21 and sunny. Still no mushrooms.

  2. This is a cool looking mushroom!
    We had already covered up our central AC unit, but yesterday it hit 80°F.... for heavens sake. Thunderstorms, rain, wind, and now we're heading back to normal fall temps... chilly, damp, bright, and 51°F.

  3. Our weather has lots of variety like your, Judith.

  4. mitch, it got almost up to 21 yesterday. Inside the house.

    judy, wow!


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