Saturday, November 26, 2022

Make like a tree

I still haven't raked up any leaves in the driveway. Oh well. The wind is doing a good job collecting them into piles. I did, however, get some other outdoor work done yesterday. Petit à petit, l'oiseau fait son nid (little by little, the bird builds its nest).

A maple leaf in the driveway.

I'm going into town this morning for the market, the first time I've been in weeks. I want to look for some coques (cockles) or other clam-like critters for a lunch of linguini with white clam sauce. And clémentine season is upon us so I'm hopeful I'll find some of those. I also want to stop in to the Italian boutique for a few items for future meals. It's chilly this morning, but there's no sign of rain in the forecast.


  1. The colors and wet leaf and stones... beautiful.

  2. The stones, their own color, size, shape and matter. Great! chm

  3. Nowadays folks are supposed to leave the leaves where they fall for the sake of the soil. Any laws there saying you have to rake them up?


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