Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Tasha Tuesday

Tasha has white wisps of hair that seem to flow out from her ears. You can see them in the photo. She was on alert looking to the left and right and straight ahead for whatever she heard or smelled. It took four shots to get this one.

Tasha's retractable leash is attached to my belt loop so I can take pictures.

I forgot to take the garbage out yesterday and didn't remember until I heard the garbage truck go by at five this morning. Oops. But I have an excuse! The roofing contractor that our friends recommended came by to do the jobs we talked about a couple of weeks ago. One of our three chimneys leaked, so he worked on that. He cleaned out one of the two valleys on the roof that leaked in the last hard rain storm (the other one was fixed a number of years ago). He cleaned out a clogged rain gutter. He replaced a damaged downspout and reconnected it to an underground drain pipe. And... he fixed the carport roof that flapped in the wind. A big day!


  1. Roofing man sounds like he knew what he was doing. The next downpour will tell, I guess.

  2. Roofing guy was a lot quicker than deck guy. Glad to hear it. Tasha’s awfully young to have white hair sprouting from her ears. That’s way too much for tweezing.

  3. What a productive day and you didn’t have to do any of it!

  4. andrew, he seemed to know what he was doing. Fingers are crossed!

    mitch, he was responsive and quick. Now we await the bill...

    bettyann, I stupidvised.

  5. For poodles, one has to pull out any hair that grows in their ears. Otherwise the hair accumulates all kinds of bad things that make it difficult for good hearing. I don't know about other breeds???


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