Monday, November 21, 2022

Maple update

This is the state of the red maples as of yesterday. Most of the vivid orange leaves have fallen to the ground, but a good number are hanging on. It won't be for long. It's time to start raking, I suppose. I'll wait for a nice dry day.

The show's almost over.

The main thing is to get the leaves off the driveway and into the compost pile. Except this year, like last, I'll dump the leaves onto a part of the yard that needs filling in, namely the old path to nowhere that we had removed last year. There they'll decompose and add to the soil.

For yesterday's lunch we decided to try some store-bought tortellini stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach. They sounded good, but were, as the French say, pas terrible. That means they weren't very good. Kind of bland and a little soggy. There's a new Italian food boutique in town and the woman who runs it makes ravioli (which we tried and it was good) and, I think, tortellini. Maybe I'll try hers.


  1. Fresh tortellini from a food boutique sounds so much better than the packaged kind.

  2. Maple trees are my favorites always.

  3. Your trees certainly do put on a good show. I hope these trees are healthy, I know the weather has not been kind to your trees over the years.

  4. La cuisine de Nonna Rosa looks good.

  5. If you ever have to have those tortellini again, why don't you try to saute them briskly in hot butter for a bit and then add a jigger of white wine, cover, and shake until the wine is gone. Might be moins terrible comme ca. ;)


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