Sunday, November 06, 2022

Three barrels of fun

This is one of the Artsy Organized Neighbor's "installations." I'm sure I've posted a photo of it in the past, but maybe not quite the same. Ok, in the spirit of "trust but verify," I went back and looked. I posted one shot of the barrels in a different configuration and one other from a different angle. I've never touched the barrels so I don't know if they're empty or what.

They're not the right shape to contain monkeys.

I had another fire all day yesterday, which means I have another load of ash to clean out of the wood stove this morning. Our high is expected to be in the low teens (Celsius) today, so I'll do another fire today. Rinse and repeat.


  1. Winter chores😅. Don't you just love them! In England 'Three Barrels' is a budget brand of brandy' (as opposed to Cognac). Pats. (

  2. I don’t want to think what could be inside those barrels. A chilly 17˚ here right now. Only expected to reach 24 today. The doors and windows are open.

  3. Have you ever seen AON in person? Our high temperature today will be 86F/30C but dropping to 73F/23C by midweek.

  4. suspicious barrels to be sure. I would love a proper fire!

  5. pats, I'll bet there's no cognac in these barrels.

    mitch, are you wearing a sweater?

    bettyann, I've seen him from a distance a time or two. Ken talked to him once.

    michael, the fire is nice, but when you make one almost every day, well, it gets messy and boring.


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