Sunday, November 13, 2022


This vineyard parcel is quite grassy. It hasn't been plowed and it's been a while since it was mowed. It looks nice and is pleasant to walk in. The plowed rows are not comfortable to walk in because the ground is very uneven after plowing. But the vines are not there for my walking comfort, so I can't complain.

The grape leaves are nearly all gone now. Soon the pruning will begin.

I got a lot (for me) of yard work done in yesterday's mild weather. The artichoke flower stems are cut down, I removed the mole hills from out by the garden shed, I finished trimming the wisteria, and I took a bunch of yard waste out into the woods where it can decompose. And, finally, I mowed the west forty. There's still the north and south forties to cut, but as it's Sunday, it probably won't be dry enough (heavy dew) in the ten-to-noon window we have for making noise. I'm ok with that.


  1. Good for you! I hope your back doesn’t feel it today. It was a good day for similar work here. I filled four, 50 gallon, bags with tree debris from tropical storm Nicole.

  2. Impressive amount of accomplishments :)

  3. It is very convenient to have the woods so close for yard waste. Sometimes those "blue laws" on Sunday work in one's favor! Very peaceful to view the greenery behind the slowly deteriorating vines. You chose an excellent location so you have places to ramble and privacy, as well.

  4. I spy some magnificent old trees in that woods adjoining the vineyard. I have seen many in other photos you have shared with us.

  5. mitch, queery?

    bettyann, that kind of work is no fun! But probably satisfying nonetheless.

    judy, for an old man...

    mary, I still kind of hide it because I feel guilty. They're not our woods, but no one ever goes there.

    woody, I agree, those are impressive trees. I snap photos of them often.

    1. I wouldn't feel "guilty" - natural ground materials all decompose like you said. My surroundings are all natural and I leave the "leaves" as it goes back into the earth! It seems strange up in our wooded neighborhood to see some of my neighbors rack everything up and then have the local trash collectors (paid subscription) take them away. Why - when others in our city offer their addresses to have the leaves dumped on their property so they can use them as compost. You are doing the smart thing in my eyes.

  6. As always I enjoy seeing the seasonal turning of the vineyard. I find it fascinating how vines are tended.


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