Friday, November 25, 2022

Funky feline fotos

Bert's getting to be an old cat. He'll be seventeen years old on his next birthday (May). He moves a lot slower than he used to and he spends a lot more time napping. He especially likes to be close to the fireplace. He still catches mice, but not as often these days. So here he is, stretched out on the sofa with legs in the air. Silly cat.

Bert likes fleece blankets.

Our Thanksgiving day was low-key and without incident. Except for one: the digital meat thermometer gave up the ghost, so we were thrust into a low-grade panic trying to figure out when to take the lamb out of the oven. I found an old analog meat thermometer whose accuracy is questionable and it served. The roast was perfectly done on the small end, but a little underdone on the large end. Not a problem; we'll cook it a little more during the leftover phase.


  1. Bert's sleeping position would make him a cert to get tummy-tickle from me. I could never resist it, though I've learnt only recently that cats don't like it, which I could have guessed anyway.
    My own Patchie is also (in Jan) coming up to his 17th.

  2. 17 years. Wow. Nice that he can safely relax at home when he likes.

  3. I love this picture of Bert. I have 2 17 year old kitties chez moi. One(male) is pretty active & catches squirrels, voles, mice and the other (female)sleeps all day on top of the cable tv box for the warmth. Happy thanksgiving to you both

  4. Awww, so nice to see Bert :)
    I'm going to get another old analog thermometer to have on hand. My leave-it-in digital was acting up during the turkey roasting yesterday.

  5. So good to see Bert. Thanks.

  6. Wow! My 14-year-old seems young, now! Although I have absolutely noticed a slowing in his step and different positions he gets in when we doesn't know what he's going to do next (!). He has been wanting to be close to me much more lately, as well. He even asks to be lifted up into my lap and petted. (Very different from before)

  7. raybeard, funny... Bert seems to like it.

    mitch, yes, he's taken to jumping up on the kitchen counters. Bold.

    melinda, thanks! Same to you all!

    judy, always good to have a backup.

    bettyann, :)

    mary, Bert is spending more nights in the bed rather than his other sleeping places. I think it's for the warmth.

  8. Yes, I, agree about the warmth, Walt. The temperatures have been in the mid-30s for the lows. I turn my thermostat down before I go to bed and in the mornings it is pretty cold until the heat kicks in when I turn it up to 68.

  9. Old cat indeed! May his dotage years be good ones.


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