Monday, November 07, 2022

Stems, no seeds

You can tell that the grapes from these vines were harvested by machine. The fruit was vibrated off the vines leaving the denuded stems behind. With hand harvesting, the whole bunches are cut off the vine, stems and all.

The vine canes along with the naked stems will be pruned away over winter.

Speaking of wine, this year's "new" wine will be released on Thursday the 17th. We'll certainly pick some up as soon as we can. Beaujolais Nouveau is probably the most internationally famous of the new wines, but many regions around the country (and now the world) issue their own local vins primeurs, including here in the Touraine. It's not that they're great wines (they can be very good). It's more about celebrating the vintage and winding up the season. We like to drink new wines with our Thanksgiving (American) meal, both Beaujolais Nouveau and Touraine Primeur.


  1. Poor plants.... hic! Touraine Primeur is far richer in flavour to BowJolly Noovow! Hic!!
    And why are you cleaning the ash out from your fire every day.... every week possibly....
    I leave it a fortnight usually.
    The bed of ash that results is a very good heat storage unit and also slows the burn...
    giving you more from the logs and less vanishing up the chimney.

  2. I can't believe we're already thinking about Thanksgiving!

  3. Hoping the new wine is good this year!

  4. tim, I use a fairly small wood burner. One day's ashes fills it up.

    judy, almost two weeks away!

    evelyn, I'll let you know. :)

  5. I always preferred mine no stems OR seeds. Oh, that was something different.


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