Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Rows and flows of angel hair

Yesterday's sunrise lit up some interesting cloud formations. I pointed the camera up and this is what I got.

These clouds didn't get in the way of anything.

I want to go to the dump this week. A pile of flattened boxes is taking up a chunk of space in the garage. And there are a few other things that can go. I frequently put off going, but I'm always glad that I did. Will today be the day? I don't know, but it will depend on the weather. No fun going to the dump in the rain.


  1. And feather canyons everywhere. Beautiful.


    1. "Bows and flows of angel hair
      And ice cream castles in the air
      And feather canyons everywhere
      I’ve looked at clouds that way"..., that's from another famous Mitchell!

  2. Eww, I would imagine it's no fun in the rain, that's for sure.

  3. Love the angel hair and illusions...

  4. Beautiful clouds. Are your cardboard boxes recycled or just dumped?

  5. That's one of my all time favorite songs!

  6. mitch, it may not be as spectacular as a sea sky, but we have our moments.

    jan, :)

    judy, I didn't go yesterday. I'll try for today. No rain predicted.

    bettyann, they're recycled, they have a special dumpster for them.

    michael, a good one!


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