Friday, November 11, 2022

Homeward bound

Stop me if you've seen this one before. It's the view of our little hamlet from out in the western vineyards. Tasha and I often make a loop through the vine rows at this point before turning back toward the house.

Looking northeasterly at sunrise.

I loaded up the car and made a trip to the dump yesterday. It was much easier than I expected, mostly because there was no waiting at the gate. There were a lot of vehicles with trailers getting rid of yard waste, along with someone with what looked like a roomful of old living room furniture, maneuvering for a spot, but it wasn't bad.

The dump, called une déchetterie in French, is a collection of dumpster bins for different types of refuse. Building rubble, metal items, cardboard, yard waste, furniture, each type of waste has its own specific dumpster bin. And there's one bin for everything else called tout venant. There's a place for recycling used oils (cooking and motor), bins for bottle, packaging, and paper recycling, a place for old appliances, another for hazardous materials, and even a bin for donating used clothing. So, it's not really a "dump" or landfill, but more of a place of triage.


  1. Your triage dump sounds exceptional. What a great way to ensure things go where they belong (and also perhaps where needed).

    And I don't care if I have seen this one before, I could always take a second (or sixth) look at your photos.

  2. I bet you feel good, getting that chore out of the way.

  3. Une déchetterie has a nice ring to it. Glad you didn't have to wait to get in this year.

  4. On one dechetterie visit I reclaimed (with the OK of management of course) a perfect wine bottle that now sports a lamp and shade. I measured it but for the life of me I can't remember if it were a Salazar or Balthazar.

  5. mitch, one is never sure, but I hope most of the stuff gets recycled. Much gets incinerated.

    judy, it'll probably be time to go again soon. It never ends!

    evelyn, I've been in a line of eight or ten cars waiting. No fun!

    potty, or a Nebuchadnezzar!


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