Sunday, November 27, 2022

The apple of my eye

There's a small apple tree out along the vineyard road. It never seems to grow and it bears only a few small apples each year.


Saturday's market run was kind of a bust. The fish monger didn't have any cockles nor anything resembling a clam. Mussels, yes, but I didn't want those for a white clam sauce. Then I looked for clémentines, but those I found were pricey and didn't look very good. Finally, I walked down to the Italian store for tortellini, but there were none. I bought some ravioli (stuffed with ricotta and artichokes), some pecorino cheese and some pancetta instead. We made a tomato sauce to go with the ravioli and they were delicious.

I'll go to a bigger market a few towns over on Thursday to look for cockles again. As for today, Ken's making a version of hachis parmentier (shepherd's pie) with some of the leftover Thanksgiving lamb.


  1. I love shepherd’s pie and I’m sure I’d love that sauce and ravioli. Glad shopping wasn’t a complete bust, (And, of course, beautiful photo.)

  2. Oooh, I hope you or Ken will show photos of the hachis parmentier.
    Sorry the market visit was a bust! The ravioli dish sounds yummy, though.

  3. mitch, there's always a consolation prize to be found at the market. This week it was the ravioli.

    judy, he did! And it was. They make good pasta.

    michael, I'm not sure that I've ever tried an apple from this tree. We have so many of our own.


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