Tuesday, November 08, 2022


This isn't mine. It's a small pile of cut logs out on the Artsy Organized Neighbor's land. They're next to a much bigger stack of logs that's almost twice my height. They look pretty autumn-like to me. I've had fires in the wood stove for the past three days now, but the weather is warming up a little so I'll probably skip today.

Logs and leaves.

Today is election day in the USA. I voted in California (via absentee ballot) as I'm eligible to do.

Yesterday we made a recipe I found in the NY Times food section: shrimp scampi with gnocchi. It was pretty easy to do and it was delicious. No leftovers.


  1. Shrimp scampi and gnocchi sounds delicious.

  2. A great angle for this photo with the golden colors. I'm hoping one day you'll meet the Artsy Neighbor and we'll find out more about this curious person. For your woodstove, you've said that you get the logs delivered, but what do you use for kindling and to get the fires started?

  3. A lovely woodsy, fall picture. Will you be sharing the recipe?

  4. lovely firewood! I miss having fires.
    Good for you for voting !

  5. mitch, it was really tasty.

    kiwi, for kindling I have three options. I split the firewood I bought into smaller pieces (using an axe). I also gather dead and downed twigs and branches and pile them up for kindling. Finally, I keep what I call "burnables" to help start fires. These include paper bags, egg cartons, and other bits of paper.

    bettyann, it's available on the NYT's web site. I don't know if you need an account for that...

    michael, you can't complain if you don't participate! Well, actually you can.


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