Saturday, November 12, 2022

Artichokes' last stand

Toward the end of our hot, dry summer, the artichoke plants died back to the ground leaving only the desiccated flower stalks standing. Since the rains started up again, the plants sent up new growth, rising like a phoenix from the fire. The flower stalks are still there, but not for long. I'll cut them down soon.

New artichoke leaves growing up at ground level. Look how green the grass is! View toward the north forty.

Meanwhile, mild temperatures are helping the grass to grow like crazy. We need some cold weather to slow it down, and some drier weather so I can mow it again. Maybe.


  1. I'm surprised those aren't sold in home decor shops. Are they? Or do they simply fall apart?

  2. Artichoke flowers are beautiful when they open and still beautiful when they’re dried up. I agree with what Mitchell said.

  3. mitch, not sure. They do fall apart, eventually. But then, what doesn't? These have been standing here, outside, since summertime.

    chm, :)

  4. Please cut those down! I suspect triffids.


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