Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Like a rock

These limestone blocks, called tuffeau in French, are a principle building material in nearly every town and city in the Loire Valley including, most notably, in the châteaux (castles) up and down the river and its tributaries. These few blocks are stacked neatly among the Artsy Organized Neighbor's collection of stuff, probably saved after the dismantling or renovation of some local building.

Blocks of tuffeau (limestone), extracted locally, I'm sure.

So here we are at the end of November. Already. That went fast. The weather has taken a turn toward winter and morning lows are expected to flirt with zero (freezing) toward the end of the week. There was even talk of snow, but I think it's unlikely. You know how the weather people get all excited about things like that. In the meantime, we're under a typical fall inversion. Dry, still, and foggy.


  1. I like the artful display of limestone. I don’t like the thought of freezing temps.

  2. Oh, it's really interesting to see these limestone rocks up close :)

  3. Maybe he’s going to build a castle! Thanks for the information about these stones, the new thing I learned today.

  4. mitch, I'm betting we won't get down to freezing...

    judy, it's even better when they're part of a building!

    bettyann, it would be a little castle... ;)


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