Monday, November 14, 2022

Sugar to kiss

That's something we don't see here in France. Maple sugar candy, that incredibly sweet confection made in the shape of a maple leaf, from maple syrup and butter, mostly in the northeastern US and eastern Canada. It was (and probably still is) a staple in late fall and winter. I loved it as a kid and still enjoy it when I can, although in much smaller quantities.

Can you spot the little canine enjoying the view?

These are the red maple trees just off the deck in our yard. They don't produce syrup or candy, but they do put on a show in November when their dark red leaves turn a vibrant orange before falling to the ground. The price for the show, of course, is having to rake up the leaves.


  1. What a beautiful view. It looks like Tasha is considering all the work she has in store with that pile of leaves. I was never a fan of maple sugar candy. I enjoyed seeing it, just not eating it.

  2. My dad used to do a yearly golf trip in the fall, to Lake Sunapee (NH), and he always brought us back one of those little packages of three maple sugar candies :)

  3. I bought a small box in the airport in Montreal last month, heavenly.

  4. That's one candy I've never tasted.

  5. what a delight that is to find a rare treat from one's past, especially in a place least expected.

  6. I think that view from your deck is just spectacular - autumn time - especially! As much as I love "sweets", when I tried one of those maple sugar "leaf" candies I couldn't continue. Way too sweet for me! Maybe if I grew up eating them... like you -- it would be different! Does Tasha like to run and jump in the leaf piles?

  7. The maple candy was always too sweet for me to eat solo, but was wonderful broken into oatmeal or cream of wheat. A true winter treat.

  8. mitch, Tasha doesn't seem to be interested in leaves up close. But she does like to grab sticks out of my hands when I pick them up.

    judy, a nice memory!

    travel, I wonder if they make big boxes and who eats them?

    evelyn, can you get them in your area?

    michael, true!

    mary, she does pee on the leaves, so there will be no humans jumping in.

    anon, that's a good use for them!


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