Friday, March 08, 2024


Here are some spring daffodils to brighten your day. It looks like we're headed for another rainy spell over the next few days. No freezes in sight for the coming weekend.

This patch of daffs comes up just outside the greenhouse.

I've discovered that last year's oregano flower stalks make excellent kindling for starting fires in the wood stove. I add a bunch or two of dried stalks to my other kindling and whosh! they flame up like nobody's business, burn hot, and help the larger stuff catch. All these years, I've been cutting down the dead flowers each spring and mulching them. No more!


  1. Great discovery. I want a vaseful of daffodils.

  2. Do the oregano stalks put out a nice scent when they burn?
    My husband just realized that there are different kinds of daffodils-- he has paid more attention to ours this year :)

    1. Isn't it funny how we notice or fail to notice things in our everyday lives? It helps to slow down as we get older. It's good Walt discovered that those oregano stems because he was getting low on kindling.

  3. Thanks for the beautiful spring flowers! I, too, was wondering if the dried stalks would give off a fragrance but maybe they burn too quickly.

  4. I, three, was imagining the new fire smell!

  5. dear readers, yes, the oregano stems are fragrant when they burn. Ken notices it more than I do because my sense of smell is not too good.

  6. My first (virtual) daffodils! Oh how I miss them. I used to plant them all the time.


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